Use your vote to achieve more on November 24! 

Would you like to see your region of Northern Victoria given more attention at the State Government level? Do you believe you could be better represented in the Victorian Parliament? Then Vote 1 for Hudson for Northern Victoria!
We believe that Northern Victoria is a great region to live, work and play and that’s worth fighting for, from Mildura to Wodonga, Corryong to Healesville, Bendigo to Mansfield, Hopetoun to Wallan, and every place in between.
This party has been set up by like-minded Northern Victorians who want greater grassroots advocacy, focusing on local issues such as our industry and economy, small business, our water, health/mental health, education, roads, rail, sporting and recreation facilities, our CFA and our diverse agricultural and horticultural industries.
We have seen evidence of strong grassroots advocacy in pockets of the region such as with Cathy McGowan in Indi and Suzanna Sheed in Shepparton, both strong Independents who have been elected to the Lower Houses of the Federal and Victorian Parliaments respectively. We’d like to see this kind of representation in the Upper House too, so our region has a voice in the Legislative Council. They have demonstrated that thoughtful and sensible local people lobbying strongly for their electorate achieve better results than mainstream party candidates.
We are not interested in party politics and gaining government like the Liberals, the Nationals and the Labor Party. Our effort will be focused 100% on issues that affect Northern Victoria and what we can do to address them and negotiate the best outcome for our region. Currently, in the Upper House, our region is represented by the three major parties plus the Shooters and Fishers Party. We’d like to change that. You have a vote and we want that vote to count for Northern Victoria.
Our policies are non-controversial and are focused on strong representation and more Government support for Northern Victoria.
A total of 5 people get elected to the Northern Victoria region in the Upper House and we have our sights on one of these spots in the next State election, to be held in November 2018.
Victorian elections are always close and this one is tipped to be the same, therefore we could be in a position to hold the bargaining power as a deciding vote in Parliament. This would enable us to negotiate with the Government for a better deal and more investment in our region, regardless of which party holds Government.
Please take a minute to sign up below. We need at least 500 names to register our party to contest the election in November. Without your support, we simply can’t form the party and we can’t change anything. Be the change you want to see!
Help us to have a louder voice in the way our area is governed and funded, for our future and the future of those who come after us.


We need your help! If you want to see change in our region, we are hoping to man polling booths across the region and require volunteers to hand out How-to-Vote cards on November 24, if you think you are able to help. Sign up below and tick yes for volunteering and provide your mobile number and/or email address and we will be in touch!


The major parties have resources and donations from big business and unions to be able to fight elections. To be able to compete we need your help for us to have a tilt at and Upper House seat in November. Hit the Go Fund Me link below to donate what you can for a louder, clearer voice of all Northern Victorians.

All donations are tax deductible up to $1,500, so you can get it back in your tax return! All donations $1,000 and over must be disclosed by us publicly via the Victorian Electoral Commission website.

Due to changes in electoral law, we cannot accept foreign donations.


Who is Hudson?

Josh Hudson is a married father of one from Tatura. He resides there with his wife, Kristy and 4-year old daughter, Emerson.
He was born, has grown up, and has lived, worked and played in the Northern Victorian region for his entire 33 years so far.
Josh is proud that he grew up in Nathalia, about 40km north of Shepparton, and is the youngest of four children to Max & Lyn Hudson.
Josh attended St Francis Primary School in Nathalia, and then attended St Mary of the Angels Secondary College up to Year 10 and then finished his schooling at Nathalia Secondary College. He studied commerce at La Trobe University and is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA).
For the past 5 years, Josh has been the Executive Corporate Services Manager of the Work Group and has worked for the group for 15 years in total. The Work Group includes Worktrainers, GAME Traffic & Contracting and Recruitment Select which is responsible for employing 450 people across Central, Northern and North East Victoria and Southern NSW. This company runs successful commercial businesses that fund community programs in these areas which makes it the most advanced social enterprise in the State, if not the country.
Josh has also been instrumental, behind the scenes, in setting up some of the most renowned start-ups in the area such as the influential Greater Shepparton Lighthouse project and Ganbina. He also has provided back-of-house support to the Community Fund Goulburn Valley for many years.
Josh is also the President of the Tatura Children’s Centre and the past Secretary and Match Day Secretary of the Nathalia Football Netball Club (2004-2008). Josh is also an associate director of Goulburn Murray Community Leadership which administers the Fairley Leadership Program of which Josh graduated from in 2017.
He is passionate about this region and will be a strong advocate for the people that call Northern Victoria home. As well as his immediate family, he has many extended family members, friends and colleagues that reside in Northern Victoria and wants see the region flourish and provide a better future for us and future generations.
Josh wanted to initially run as an Independent, but quickly discovered that Independents rarely get elected to Victorian Upper House, hence why we have started our own party and that’s why we need your help!
Josh will formally be announcing his candidacy as a State Member for the Legislative Council (Upper House) for the Northern Victoria region in the coming months.

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